At BITA we provide independent, methodologically-sound indexes that are investable and replicable by customers and stakeholders. Our team of quantitative engineers has extensive experience working at some of the largest index providers and quantitative asset managers. Our methodologies and processes are completely transparent and publicly available.


BITA Silver Lev10x Free Index

The BITA Silver Lev10X Free Index aims to replicate a multiple of the performance of the Spot Silver Market Price in Dollars (XAG/USD) without taking into consideration any index rebalancing costs. Index Values are disseminated in real-time.

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Index Name Value Today's Performance
Number of Constituents 1
Return 1-Day
Return 1-Month
Return YTD
The parent index constituents are:
Constituents Symbol Weight
As of 2/9/2020

BITA Index Licenses

To underlie both Active and Passive investment strategies


Active Managers
Active manager licenses to our index benchmarks. Evaluate your investment performance.

Passive Managers
Licenses for issuance of passive vehicles with BITA indexes as underlyings. Targeted at ETF/ETN providers, index fund managers and index trackers.

Research & Analysis
License for research firms, media, analysts and market experts looking to access our index data.

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