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High-performance infrastructure to power the next generation of passive investing

The Future of Indexing

BITA is building the world's most technologically advanced index platform. Our cloud-based infrastructure leverages the latest technologies to deliver passive strategies faster and more flexibly than any other indexation solution.


Real-time calculation platform. ACE is a cloud-based infrastructure for automated calculations and maintainance of indexes and real-time data products. BITA ACE has been designed to reduce manual errors and allow for scalable and flexible index operations.


The world's first end-to-end index development software. Access a large variety of datasets, bring your own data, customize any index rule, backtest, and quickly generate regulatory compliant rulebooks. All within one platform. No need to invest in costly infrastructure.


Thanks to our innovative technology, BITA is able to develop and calculate real-time feeds, customized to clients' specific requirements.

BITA'S Index Technology

Our infastructure has been designed to outperform any other existing solution in terms of speed and flexibility. From ultra fast data processing, to intuitive index construction through a broad rule library and simple rule coding, building innovative passive solutions has never been easier.

Microservice Architecture



Big Data Enabled Backtesting

1-sec calculation

Flexible and Scalable

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About BITA

BITA is Germany-based Fintech firm that provides enterprise-grade technology and services to institutions operating in the systematic investment space.

We believe in a future where passive investments keep growing, where the ability to analyze massive amounts of data quickly will drive performance, and where investment decisions will be taken by AI and rules-based algorithms.